I UK [stiːm] / US [stɪm] noun [uncountable] **
a) the hot wet substance like a thin cloud that is produced when water is heated

The steam from the volcano rose into the air.

a steam bath

b) the wet substance that forms on windows and mirrors when wet air suddenly becomes hot or cold

Tom rubbed the steam from the window and peered outside.

a) power that is created when water is heated

The equipment was originally powered by steam.

the age of steam (= when trains were operated by steam)

b) [only before noun] operated by steam

a steam engine/locomotive/train

(at) full steam — mainly American with as much effort as possible

Before I start working again full steam, I want to travel.

let off/blow off steam — to express your feelings of anger or excitement without harming anyone

The meeting will be a chance for the protesters to let off steam.

pick up/build up/gather steam — to become more active, important, or full of energy

It looks like the economy is picking up steam again.

run out of/lose steam — to lose energy, enthusiasm, or importance

David seems to be running out of steam.

head I

II UK [stiːm] / US [stɪm] verb
Word forms "steam":
present tense I/you/we/they steam he/she/it steams present participle steaming past tense steamed past participle steamed
1) [intransitive] to produce steam

Great pots of food were steaming on the cooker.

2) [intransitive/transitive] to cook food with steam

Steam the vegetables for about ten minutes.

steamed fish

3) [intransitive] to move using steam power

The train steamed out of the station noisily.

The luxury liner steamed into New York on Thursday.

4) [intransitive] if a person steams somewhere, they move quickly in a particular direction

McKiernan steamed ahead to win her third successive race.

Phrasal verbs:

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